There has been a growing interest in vegan food owing to the health benefits of it. So, many people are transitioning from a non-vegetarian diet to a plant-based food eating pattern. When making the switch, you might have many doubts. You might wonder what food items to have so that you could meet your daily protein requirements. You might also contemplate which food items are plant-based and which ones are not. You may look at our website content as a guide to all things plant-based. You can find everything from plant-based foods to recipes to veganism definitions here.

Even if you are just interested in trying a particular vegan recipe, you might find what you are seeking here. We are not going to force you into following any specific diet because we know that it is ultimately your choice. But we would be glad if you choose to go vegan after going through any or all of the pieces of information published here.

Maybe some of the celebrities you like and follow are vegan, and perhaps you came to know this fact from us. We will continue to update this site with newer pieces of information on veganism.